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Mind your manners September 11, 2011

Today was a terrible day for me. My sweet little daughter had to go through 30 minutes of agonizing pain just to get some blood sample collected. She was running with high fever since the last two nights and when we got her examined yesterday, her doctor thought it was a bacterial infection and therefore he put her on antibiotics and paracetemol. But even then her fever wouldn’t subside. So I had to call the doctor early in the morning and he asked me to get a blood test done immediately to rule out the possibility of any endemic diseases.

cover while coughing

While we were waiting at the emergency ward for the doctor, a lady sitting nearby was coughing and sneezing without covering her mouth. That irritated me instantly and I was at the verge to remind her of her manners. Instead I just asked Deepu to get Avishi to a safer place. I couldn’t help but wonder, that why people in India have no basic etiquettes or common sense.

I often find people sneezing and coughing on your face in public places. What seems strange is that educated people also behave in this manner. People are just so indifferent about the repercussions of their actions or should I say stupidity.

It is a norm for people suffering from a viral or the flu to still go to the office. I mean, if you are sick, can’t you just stay at home! It will help you recover and also will save a lot of people from contracting the viral. But no, people here are so hardworking and committed, that if they do not go to work for a couple of days, the company will lose on millions.

I have also noticed that many parents are also reckless in their actions. If their child coughs or sneezes, they have to teach their child to cover their mouth but instead their child will go on coughing on all the other children faces in the park and the mother will just keep watching!!

If your child is infected with a bacteria or virus, just keep him/her at home and avoid sending your child to school or to the park till he/she is not contagious. It will save a lot of children from contracting the same and will save a lot of parents from the misery of seeing their child suffer.

Even adults who are infected should avoid meeting other people and also should completely avoid cuddling other children just to coochie coo.

As educated adults, we should take this responsibility to protect ourselves and our children. Let us all become more conscious of our actions.