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Childproofing your home in India September 30, 2011

In India, safety measures are something that is unheard of. People are quite reckless or ignorant about basic safety standards. But most importantly, when you have a child at home, it is essential that you childproof your home. It is better to be safe than sorry. Time and again, I come across parents who have a story to tell about how their child, broke their crockery, or got hurt by the coffee table or threw everything out from the refrigerator or got locked inside a room or how they meddled with the potty seat in the bathroom. There is a solution to all these…

I do not know if it is ignorance or the unwillingness to invest in some child safety products, but I find people in India raising children without following any child safety measures. Moreover, you will hardly find retailers selling child safety products here. So here I will try and put down some tips to childproof your home, tell you why is it important and where can you buy these products.

The danger begins when your baby becomes a toddler. They are so curious and want to meddle with everything that is within their reach. But sometimes it isn’t good for them.

Electrical outlet covers

Children love to stick their tiny fingers into the holes of electrical outlets in the house. It can cause burns or electric shocks and could be very dangerous. There use electrical outlet covers to protect them from any danger.

Door slam stoppers

Sometimes your child may accidently shut the door and lock himself up. Or maybe while shutting the door, might pinch their fingers. So you need to use a door slam stopper which will prevent the door from slamming.

Safety Gates

If your home has staircases or an open kitchen then it makes sense to install safety gates to prevent any accidents.

Safety latches

These latches can be used for drawers, cupboards, cabinets and your refrigerator. They come in different variety; just select one that suits you best. Sometimes our cupboards contain potentially harmful items, such as chemicals, cleaning products, knives, glass items, perfume bottles etc. You can also use this type of latch for the potty seat in the bathroom. All these can be dangerous for your child and hence it is important to safeguard your precious little one from these dangers.

Cushion corners

If you have furniture with sharp edges you can install these cushion corners to ensure the safety of your child.

Where to purchase Child Safety Products in India?

You can find these products in all mother care stores in India. Shoppers stop has a mother care section in most of the cosmopolitan cities.

Also you can purchase these products on “firstcry” for a very reasonable price.

Just investing sensibly now can save us from disasters that could happen tomorrow. Our child means everything to us, so take all measures to protect him or her.