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All about baby’s sleeping pattern February 22, 2011

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Ok, once you’re home from the hospital with your baby, you will face a myriad of physical and mental emotions. You will be tired, confused, anxious, scared, happy and in some cases depressed. One thing that affects most moms is the sleeping pattern of their baby. All of a sudden you will feel as though you hardly ever get to sleep. Your doctors will recommend for you to imbibe the baby’s routine. But it is easier said than done!! If your baby is colicky then, all I can say is “All the best”. Nevertheless, it is a phase and trust me, you will get used to it or find a way to tackle this new situation at hand.

In the beginning the baby will sleep almost all day. But usually the baby sleeps most during the day and is more active during the night and that is why you find yourself sleeping less during the initial periods. This takes a while to settle down. By the time your little one is three months or so, he/she will learn to sleep during the nights and stay active during the day. They will however, wake up for a feed or two or a wet diaper, but thankfully not to play. 🙂

By the time your baby is 4-5 months he/she will learn to sleep through the night and this will allow you to sleep better at nights too. Some parents say their babies can sleep through the night for 8 hrs or so without waking up. And I am not sure if that is true. From my research and talks with my doctors, I learnt that sleeping through the night for babies actually refers to the baby’s ability to sleep continuously for about 5-6 hrs a stretch. Expecting your child to sleep for 8-10 hrs without a feed is just not right. So when parents say that their baby is sleeping through the night and yours isn’t, do not worry or fret. Because most likely they aren’t telling you the truth, or they do not realize that their baby wakes up in the night. Your baby will wake up for a feed and will in all odds go back to sleep.

Here is a chart that roughly describes the sleeping patterns of babies from birth till they grow up to become toddlers.  If your baby’s sleeping pattern is close to what this chart illustrates, then you’re on the right track and you should give a pat on your back.

Remember, it is very important to set a sleeping routine for your baby. This makes life easier for both you and the baby. Your baby will be less irritable and much happier and active if he/she sleeps well and follows a good routine.