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Jungle theme party for Avi June 3, 2013

For Avishi’s 3rd Birthday party I had decided to call all her play-school friends and make it a fun-filled day for her. It was fun planning her birthday party this year, because she understood the concept of birthdays and also how a party would mean getting many many gifts 🙂

So for her 3rd year party, I decided to do a jungle safari theme. I started planning the party almost a month in advance (hehe I know that early, 😛 can’t help it!! I like being organized :D).  I’m writing this blog to help people know the 4 key factors for a successful party.



Firstly, I needed a jungle theme cake and I wanted to bake it myself (which I usually do). I am no professional in baking, but I do a pretty decent job in baking cakes. But this time, I also wanted to ice the cake and have a jungle theme running all over it. Thanks to my sis Varsh, I had some sugar wild animals by culpit in my closet. Although they are meant to decorate cupcakes, I used them to ice the main cake. Since the theme was jungle, I decided to bake a marble cake (u know tiger prints or giraffe prints). I figured it would suit the theme. Here is a pic of the cake before the frosting and after the frosting (I know its imperfect!!)

Avi's bday


Now for the décor, I ordered some animal cutouts, jungle theme glasses and paper plates online from The remaining décor I made at home. I bought some green crepe paper, some green and brown construction paper, and some brown paper. I made a tree with the construction paper. I used the brown paper to make some vines. I used the green crepe paper to cover the backdrop of the center table. Here are some pics.

Avi's bday2


Since the party was at 5 in the evening, we served an assortment of snacks that the kids would love. I served:-

  • Hippo pops – Popcorn ( I made these cups with the plain white styrofoam cups, stuck purple construction paper and googley eyes to make it look like hippos)
  • Safari pizza – mini pizzas
  • Junglee pasta – tri-color pasta made in white sauce
  • Zebra Bites – Oreos
  • Giraffe nibbles – potato wafers
  • Monkey smiles – smileys
  • Corn and cheese nuggets
  • Cupcakes (in shades of the LION)

Since most kids were in the age group of 3-4, I was expecting parents to linger around. So I also made some puris with potato sabzi and idli with chutney.

I created labels for all the animal themed snacks and placed it on the table. Some pics of how the table looked like…

Avi's bday1

Finally the entertainment….

I made some binoculars with the help of Styrofoam cups and cellophane sheets (before hand). In the party, I got the kids to decorate their binoculars with color and an assortment of stickers. This activity was a hit. All the kids thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Styrofoam binoculars

I made a jungle room. I used my store room for it. I used the green crepe paper to cover the wardrobes. I hid animal cutouts behind the green streamers. I filled the room with green balloons (floor), to give it a green look.  I also made a camp using my dupattas. After we were done with the binoculars, we went to the jungle to find all the animals. The kids were excited to see all the animals through their binoculars. All of them kept shouting out the animal names as and when they spotted. Then all the girls went into their camp and were chit-chatting (I don’t know about what!)

Avi's bday3

After the cake cutting and feeding the kids, I made them dance to boogie-woogie. They then started demanding all the rhymes they know and I was happy to be their dj 😀 (thank god I had all the rhymes on my laptop).

The kids really had a lot of fun. None of them wanted to go back home and few even went away crying. Avishi enjoyed the party to the hilt and oh, she loved the “yellow animal cake”.

For the return gifts, I really found these cute animal bags by chance. I filled them up with toffees and chocolates. Giraffe, lion, tiger, bear, monkey, leopard were some varieties of the goodie bags.



3 Responses to “Jungle theme party for Avi”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful ideas…and I Ioved the way you decorated the cake! Great memories for Avi 🙂
    Brian xx

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