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Mom’s who want to get back to work. September 21, 2012

For a career-oriented woman, having a baby brings their professional life to stand still. Often I meet women who face depression post prenancy. When Avi was born, since she was my first born, I had given up my fulltime job to look after her. But after a while, I found myself anxious all the time. By the time she was 3 months old, I started feeling like a cow :P. One fine day, I just decided to get in touch with the company that I worked fulltime with prior to my pregancy, and I asked them if I could work from home. I was lucky in a way, because they let me. Although I couldn’t enjoy the perks and responsibilities I achieved when I was a fulltime employee, I still enjoyed accomplishing goals everyday. It made me feel a lot useful and happier and I could at the same time look after Avishi, watch her grow and not feel guilty about being away from her.

The whole arrangement just suited me very well, and after doing that for over 2 yrs, I decided to get back to work fulltime. I felt Avishi, was old enough to be away from me for a couple of hours. Since she anyways started going to pre-school, for 3 hrs everyday and was actually enjoying it thoroughly, I thought I could stretch it for a couple of more hours and get back to work. So after settling down with a fulltime job, I looked for a preschool and a daycare (that had both in the same premises). Also chose one that is just a 2 min walk from my workplace.

Our routine nowadays – I drop her to school, go to work while she has fun in her preschool, eats her healthy meals (Her school is just great), sleeps for a couple of hours, plays and Voila! mommy is back to collect her from school. This arrangement has been working out for us quite well, while avi is making new friends and having a gala time with them, I get to achieve my goals at work. 🙂


Just a pointer for moms who want to get back to work-

  • You will need to be with your child during the early years. They depend on you for everything. So look for a work from home option, or flexi- work (like work on sat & sun). You can look up  for convenient job oppurtunities.
  • If you have a hobby, then pursue that. This lets you be sane and happy and avoids any kind of guilt factor.
  • You can also consider becoming an entreuprener. Maybe you could convert your hobby into a career!!
  • Once your child is over 2 yrs, you can consider taking up a fulltime job. But keep in mind to choose a good daycare, preferably in the same premises of the preschool and also a place that is close to your office.
  • Initially you might face seperation anxiety, (I did too), but trust me the child will be alright. We (mothers) are the ones who get more anxious, they actually enjoy being in the company of other children.
  • Once at work, try to ensure you leave on time and not stretch it! You have to maintain a work-life balance. If the company you work for doesn’t offer flexibility, quit!! Choose an employer who understands your situation and offers you flexibility. If you have to take a paycut, do so!

If you are in Gurgaon, and are looking out for a pre-school/daycare, consider choosing Intellitots. It is a great place for your child for their overall development and they really look after your child.


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  1. MSC Says:

    You can check out for work from home ideas as well!

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