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Christmas Village December 14, 2011

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This year I thought of going slightly elaborate with my Christmas craft projects. I decided to do a Christmas Village. Unlike the west, you can hardly find the knick knacks required to set up your own Christmas Village in India. Therefore, I decided to create everything from scratch and use materials that I could easily get from a local stationary.

I got some miniature animals, trees and santa clause from the stationary shop. Apart from that I bought some paper in different colors, thermacol, glue and cotton.

For the cottage I used,

  • Reusable cardboard box
  • Glue
  • Velvet paper
  • Craft paper
  • Glue
  • Scotch tape


  • Make sure your box is firmly closed at all sides except the top. Cut the front and back side flaps along the red lines in Figure 1.
  • Then cut out the front and back sides along the dotted lines as shown in Figure 2 to form a triangle.

  • Wrap the box with a paper of your choice (leaving the side flaps) and use glue or tape to stick it to the surface.
  • Now pull the flaps together to form the roof’s base. Attach it with the help of some tape.
  • For the roof cut out a rectangle from a thick piece of paper. Fold it into half and place it on the box’s roof base. Affix with some glue. If you want you draw some grids to give a brick-look.
  • For the windows and doors cut out some small rectangles and attach with glue. You can even create a chimney with some thick paper.

Assemble the cottage by,

Use the thermacol as the base. Now place the cottages, trees and other knick knacks as you please. You can get as creative as possible.

I used LED lights to for a path to the village and on the cottages and trees.

To give a snow effect I threw some cotton all over the base. Voila you have your Christmas Village 😀


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Brilliant, loving it 🙂

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