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Avishi’s first birthday June 4, 2011

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I was really excited about celebrating Avishi’s 1st birthday. We didn’t want to have a grand party at a hotel, but wanted to have a small party at home. I started planning her birthday one month prior to her birthday. I first bought her dress …I bought a simple cotton dress, that had red polka dots running all over. I used the colors and design of her dress as the basic theme for the party.

The main concern for me was to have the perfect cake. I wanted a sugar paste cake, which you seldom find in the bakeries in India. The sugar paste cakes done abroad are so wonderful and professional. I went to at least 5 bakeries here…and finally found a bakery that did sugar paste cakes. I was doubtful if they could achieve what I wanted. After a series of discussions with them, I was finally convinced that they would do a decent job. I was really happy with the end product. The cake was designed to match her dress and it looked very cute.

Now for the décor, I decided to do everything in red and white. I got some chart papers from a local stationary shop and created many danglers. I hung them all over the place and it really gave a nice feel to the room. Also Avishi loved them, she kept looking at it all day 🙂 . I hung red and white balloons in every corner of the house. I used red and white crepe paper to decorate the backdrop of the cake table. I also decorated her high chair with some polka dots and balloons.

On the cake table, I had some jello’s  (all in red), some roses, the cake, some cookies, some strawberry wafers. I used red dinner disposable plates with white napkins for dinner. And white plates with red napkins for the cake and appetizers. The red napkins were courtesy my mom and dad. I used the red tissue to make a tissue flower for Avishi’s hair as well 🙂

I couldn’t find it anywhere here. I ordered the red dinner plates and polka dot glasses online. I was really happy with the products.

We served spring rolls, chicken lollypops and vegetable crispies for starters. For the main course, there was Chinese fried rice, Hakka noodles, chicken in black bean sauce and vegetable Manchurian.

I ordered some freshly baked cookies to be used as party favors for the guests. I bought some loot bags from our local grocery store.

All in all, Avishi had a gala time and I had a lot of fun planning and preparing for the party.


2 Responses to “Avishi’s first birthday”

  1. Puneet Says:

    The cake looks amazing, I am sure it tasted even better 🙂
    and the decorations are so well matched, great job Kom.
    Kisses to Avishi and a very Happy Birthday to her. Muah!

  2. jkomal Says:

    thx puneet 🙂

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