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Education is much more than just a ‘Degree’ April 14, 2011

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“The whole object of education is…to develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works. “ – Sherwood Anderson

Education is significant for the growth of any country. Often people consider education as being able to read and write. But is education being literate or is it much more than that? Education is and should be the evolution of the mind and soul. Apart from reading and writing, education is to inculcate values, skills and knowledge to bring about a cultural and behavioural change in people. Education is not merely the teaching of various academic subjects; it is also the cultivation of total responsibility in the student. Most schools are concerned only with imparting of knowledge; they’re not at all concerned with the transformation of man and his daily life. Seldom educators realize that they’re responsible for the new generation.

There has always been a constant pressure from society: career first and everything else second. That is, money first and development of mind second. One should try to reverse this process because man cannot be cultured and civilised with money only.

Undoubtedly, literacy and education will improve the economic conditions of any nation but will that suffice? Especially in a country like India, where social evils like dowry, female  foeticide, women rights etc., still persists, economic  growth isn’t enough. Growth is not only the increase in finances but is much broader than that. To achieve growth in the broader sense, education also needs to be inculcated with a broader view.

Even today, CAs, Doctors, Engineers, MBAs, etc., indulge in dowry. In fact, higher the education degree higher is the claim for dowry. There are people who actually enroll themselves into a particular professional degree to receive a greater value in dowry.

Also, in this generation where a girl is doing almost everything a boy does, yet a girl born into a family is looked down upon and in many states (in India) a social stigma.

Furthermore, we find that these days, it has become a trend to violate traffic rules. People feel very proud and are gleefully satisfied whenever they flout a traffic rule. They spit on the road, litter in public spaces and then vociferously rant against government’s apathy. These nuisances are practiced by highly educated people. So what is the use of their education and what are they contributing to the society?

Education is not about gathering information and cramming formulae. It is about the flowering of the mind and spreading goodness to the society. Therefore, our education system needs to alter the way of teaching in order to generate a well rounded, cultured and civilised human being.


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