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South India is not only about Idli and Dosas April 9, 2011

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It is really ridiculous to see how people in India are divided by states, regions, religions and casts. India is a huge country with so much diversity and as an Indian we must be aware of the various kinds of people, places and food habits. Being ignorant is not going to help you and will only limit your growth as a person.

Often for most North Indians, South India is Madras and South Indian food is about idlis and dosas. Excuse me people!! South India has four states, and Madras/Chennai is the capital of one of those states (Tamil Nadu to be precise).  Remember that still from Chak de India, where Nethra Reddy responses to the man about the difference between tamil and telugu – “Difference between a tamil and telugu is the same as between a Punjabi and Bihari”. That was a good one, really nailed the stereotype that the North Indians have about South India.

Likewise, most North Indians think that South Indians eat idlis, dosas and vadas day in and day out. How ridiculous is that? Like everyone else in India, a typical south Indian meal comprises of some vegetables, dal, rasam and curds. The only difference is that it is cooked in a different style and again the style varies from state to state. Ya, they usually have rice instead of roti. But nowadays many even have rotis for lunch and dinner. Idlis and dosas are usually made for breakfast but it isn’t prepared every day.

Just because the restaurants market Idlis and Dosas as south Indian food, doesn’t mean that, that is the only thing that they eat. Even the home cooked north Indian foods are never served in restaurants, but no one assumes that all north Indians eats such food at home.

Therefore, before stereotyping people and making your own perception, it is important to learn about other people’s way of living, culture and lifestyle.  You have so much information available on the internet these days. Nowadays, the TV also has a number of travel and food programs that talk about different cultures, lifestyle and eating habits from which we can learn from.

Ultimately, you have the right to choose what you like and what you do not like, but never look at anyone’s lifestyle in a condescending manner. Just learn to adjust and appreciate what is good. If you don’t like something/someplace then you can always explore other places, foods etc.

In the mean time, enjoy those dosas and idlis 😀



2 Responses to “South India is not only about Idli and Dosas”

  1. Puneet Says:

    I totally agree 🙂

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