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Surma ankhiyon mein (Kajal in baby’s eye) April 6, 2011

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Time and again I meet people who love giving unwanted advices and ideas. Recently, I came across a few of those kinds. Their advise to me was – “why don’t you apply surma or kajal on avishi’s eyes? It will make them look bigger and beautiful and also protect her from nazar”. I politely answered, the doctors have prohibited me from doing so.

But later I was thinking, how can kajal make a child’s eyes look bigger anyways? I always hated this concept of applying kajal in a child’s eyes. I always used to joke around, that, applying kajal in a baby’s eyes only makes them look horrible rather than cute, tho nazar kaisi lagegi gi (how will the baby get nazar).

Jokes apart, but according to pediatricians, application of kajal is a complete no no. This is because application of kajal can cause itchiness, watery eyes and in some babies allergic reaction. Also when your child rubs his/her eyes the kajal can cause infections as well.

Furthermore, the eyes of a baby are very sensitive, applying kajal with our dirty and sharp fingernails can cause damage to the child’s eye and may cause discomfort to the baby.

So why apply kajal to your little one’s eyes just because you think that it looks bigger. To tell you the truth it doesn’t make your baby’s eyes look any bigger than it is and it only makes it look hideous in my opinion. You baby is precious to you and is beautiful however he/she is. Just accept him/her the way he/she is and bestow all your love and blessings on him/her.

But old age tradition defies any logic or reasoning. And if you want to ward your child from the evil eye then put a small tikka of kajal or your child’s forehead (at the hairline) or on the sole of the foot.


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  1. Thanks, Very good INFORMATION.

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