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I have no time…oh really? March 16, 2011

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I really don’t understand when people say “I don’t have time”. People can lead busy lives with hectic schedules but how can one not have time? I am a strong believer of this phrase “where there is a will, there is always a way”. So if you really want to do something or accomplish something or stay in touch with people you love…you will always find time to do so and you will definitely find a way to do so.


It’s all about getting yourself organized and sticking to a routine. If you don’t then you are obviously never going to have time for anything.

The other day I met some people, and a lady came up to and said to me Avishi must be keeping you so busy that you will not have time for anything and you mustn’t be getting time to even enjoy her actions and accomplishments. And I took some time to think about what she said…and I was like really? The answer was obviously no. I may be busy than ever, however I manage to finish with my office work, avishi’s  lunch and dinner, washing her bottles, taking a bath, spend time with my loved ones, doing the laundry and other home chores. And I also have time to play with her and enjoy her in every possible way.

Yes there are moments when I want to sit down and do NOTHING but when you become a mother you are the provider, caretaker and everything to your child so how can you not do anything. Yet, again I am thankful for a supportive husband who is there for me whenever I need him. I am able to go to the parlor for some pampering once in a while and that is my time. I sometimes take the car out and drive to the nearest market or mall and that is my time, while my hubby looks after Avishi.

As you keep getting older, you become more responsible and become responsible for other people as well. All this requires time and you learn how to deal with the different situations life throws at you. So when people say “I am too busy to do this or that” or when they say “I hardly get time” and I get baffled. C’mon guys, you surely have time but you just don’t know how to manage your time rightly.

Sometimes it is easy to blame people or circumstances for our own laziness or lack of discipline. Therefore, it is important to reflect, introspect and see how you can do things better and deal with things in a better way.


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