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Fat vs Healthy March 12, 2011

Filed under: Baby Care — jkomal @ 10:57 pm

A couple of days back, a few people commented on Avishi being very thin and weak. And honestly it irritated me. I am Avishi’s mother therefore I am bound to feel bad, but then I was thinking what is healthy to these people! Apparently for them, healthy babies are those babies that look chubby or fat, whether or not they are active or achieving their milestones doesn’t matter. And honestly, Avishi isn’t weak or thin, she seems to be doing fine for her age.

So what if your baby isn’t fat or chubby? Does that mean he/she is unhealthy? No, I wouldn’t say so. Why? As long as your baby is growing in tandem with their weight and height chart and is also achieving the milestones regularly, there is no need to get worried. Trust me it is much better to have an active baby than a fat baby. I have seen babies that seem huge and chubby, but they aren’t active nor are achieving their milestones. It is seen that a fat baby, is slow to learn things.

In India, especially, people want fat and chubby children and therefore they will feed food items that will increase fat in the baby’s body. But remember, that your baby needs a healthy and a nutritious diet not a fatty diet. Feeding only fatty foods will eventually lead to obese children and this isn’t right for your child.

So next time if someone comes up to you and say such a thing to you, ask them to mind their own business and please do not worry. Have regular checkups with the pediatrician to check your baby’s overall growth.  If your doc, gives you an OK then you should care a damn about what people say to you with regards to your baby.

Your main goal is to have a healthy baby and not a fat baby. Here is a chart that will help you understand your child’s overall growth and see if he/she is on track.

Remember, that each child is unique and will grow at a different rate. But if your child isn’t achieving the milestones at the right time, then please contact your pediatrician.


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