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Hummous February 26, 2011

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One of the plus points of living in the middle east is its tasty and scrumptious food. Ever since I came to live in India, I longed to eat the dishes that I grew up eating. Hummous, Mushakal, Shish taouk, the kababs, Shawarmas and the various kinds of salads.

I have tried a number of Lebanese restaurants in Gurgaon and Navi Mumbai but never found the food to meet my expectations. After all I had the best, while living in Kuwait. So I thought, to take things into my own hands and prepare a lovely Lebanese spread for lunch. The menu comprised of hummous, shish taouk and feta salad, served with pita bread. I was very happy with the end result…. Yay!! my hard work paid off. Hubby dear enjoyed it and said the food tasted very much like the food in “Palm Palace” – a lovely Lebanese restaurant in Kuwait.

Please try these recipes for yourself as well and tell me how it came out and if you enjoyed eating it.

For the Hummous,


I1/2 cup of cooked chickpeas

3-4 tbsp of tahini (sesame seed paste)

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

Some lemon juice (1/2 a lemon)

Extra virgin olive oil



  • Put all the ingredients in the food processor and blend it well to form a smooth and creamy paste. Use water to blend the mixture.
  • Serve it on a small platter with a drizzle of olive oil.

This dish goes well with pita bread or makes a great spread for sandwiches.

Click here for -> Shish Taouk and Feta Salad recipes


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