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Apple Suji Halwa February 24, 2011

Filed under: Baby Food Recipes — jkomal @ 5:13 pm

My daughter Avishi, is so fussy with fruits. I don’t know a baby who doesn’t like bananas but Avishi makes a face when I give her banana mash. Same is the case with all the fruits. So the only way to feed her fruits is to mask it with something that she likes. That’s how I came up with this suji halwa…hehehehe 😀


½  red apple (chopped and peeled)

1 tbsp of jaggery

3-4 tbsp of suji/semolina

1 tbsp ghee


  • Cook the apples in a little water, till they become soft.  Now add the jaggery and simmer for a min.
  • Mash the apple and jaggery mix properly.
  • Take a skillet and heat the ghee in it.
  • Add the suji and roast for a minute or two.  (till it emits its aroma)
  • Add some water and simmer till suji is almost cooked. Now add the apple mix to the suji and stir. Make sure the consistency is smooth and semi-solid. It should not be lumpy.

Feed within 10 minutes of preparation.

Keep looking out for more of such recipes!!


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